These are your options for excursions & team events

Escape Rooms are the perfect group experience. Even when people don’t know each other too well (e.g. christmas parties or bachelor parties), the experience brings everyone closer together and provides plenty of topics for discussion afterwards.

However, most rooms are only designed for a maximum of 6 players. So what if you want to go out with a large group?

We Escape Room providers receive enquiries for group events almost every day, e.g. for team events, christmas parties, birthday parties, bachelor parties, company outings, school trips or group excursions. This can easily involve 20 to 50 people; sometimes even more.

But how do you accommodate large groups in an Escape Room? And what offers are there for team outings and team events?

We’ll enlighten you!

Which Escape Rooms are suitable for large groups?

There are times in life when you are surrounded by lots of loved ones and are looking for an entertaining activity.

So it can quickly happen that more than 6 people get together and want to go on an Escape Room adventure.

This could be families, befriended couples with their children, classmates or friends with their partners…

In this case, there are three options:

(1) You look for an Escape Room in which more than 6 people can play at the same time.

(2) You select an Escape Room that is available in battle mode. In this case, the room is available twice and you split into two groups, which then compete against each other.

(3) You book two, three or even more different Escape Rooms at the same time, split up as you wish and compete against each other – the team that escapes first wins.

Escape Rooms for large groups – playing together

There are a few Escape Rooms that are specially designed for larger groups. One example of this is «The Magician’s Last Act» by RuhrEscape, which can be played in Essen and Oberhausen. The Escape Room requires a team size of 6 to 12 people.

At GeheimDepot Dorsten, up to 24 players can take on the mission «Trapped in the Shaft». The two-hour experience is about a social experiment in which you, as prisoners, are divided into different social classes.

If you are looking for a special underground adventure, we recommend the Escape Room in the Holzminden mine. Here you have to escape from an approx. 70 metre long mine tunnel with room for 15 people.

Escape Rooms for large groups – playing in duel mode

If you are interested in playing in battle mode, we recommend the immersive escape experience “POD83” at our location in Hamburg.

There is a room A and a room B with space for 6 people each. The story is about a mysterious incident in the research unit of a pharmaceutical company. Now all the doors are locked. Can you get behind the cause of the mysterious incident and escape from the facility? You’ll only get out if you rise to the challenge! 

The 75-minute escape game is the ideal solution if you are looking for an Escape Room for large groups in Hamburg but don’t want to organise an event.

We also have an Escape Room for large groups in Stuttgart: «Inherited Double Life» has two identical set-ups for you. You can play from the age of 12, which is ideal for families.

Escape Rooms for large groups – playing separately

If you book different Escape Rooms, each team of players will have a unique experience in the respective room. However, you will be travelling to and from the location together and can share your experiences, as there will be plenty to talk about afterwards.

At Escape Leipzig, you can book all four rooms at the same time and then turn up with a group of 24.

One Hour Left in the Bavarian town of Ottobrunn also offers combined bookings of various rooms, if you are looking for an Escape Room for large groups.

What group offers are there for parties & events?

Have you planned an official event and want to move part of it to the Escape Room? 

Escape Rooms are popular venues for large groups, as the riddles strengthen coherence, communication and collaboration. This is where everyone’s individual skills come to the fore, as you not only have to think, but also keep calm and overcome challenges.

Companies therefore like to come to the Escape Room for team building. School classes, friends groups and families appreciate the high adventure factor.

There are numerous occasions when an Escape Room makes sense for larger groups:

  • Business event
  • Christmas party
  • Club reunion
  • Class reunion
  • School trip
  • Stag party
  • Family reunion
  • Birthday party etc.

If you look around the Escape Room providers in Germany, you will see that there are special group offers almost everywhere. This is no different at pause&play in Stuttgart or Hamburg.

In our two locations in Hamburg, we can accommodate up to 48 players at the same time, as we have a total of eight rooms. If your group is even larger, you can play in several rounds. Remember: the Escape Room experience lasts about an hour. While the first part of the group is busy uncovering mysterious cases, the second part of the group can chat in the lounge and have a drink.

In our Escape Rooms in Stuttgart, you can play in six rooms with up to 36 people. We can accommodate 72 people for two rounds and 108 people for three rounds.

Where else are there Escape Rooms for large groups?

Ultimately, groups can play at almost every Escape Room venue in Germany, as long as they split up into smaller teams of 5 to 6 players and play different rooms at the same time or the same room one after the other.

Check in advance how many rooms are available so that you can estimate the capacity of the venue. 

Otherwise, you need to look specifically for an XXL Escape Room that can accommodate more people than usual, or book identical rooms for a team battle. However, this will only be a valid solution for groups of up to 12 to 16 players.

Always enquire about the respective group rates before booking an Escape Room for your team. At pause&play in Hamburg or Stuttgart, we offer special packages for companies that book two or more rooms. There are also special offers for private events when booking just one room.


Maybe we’ll see you soon!